Fiberglass Grating Products

Structural Fiberglass Inc fiberglass reinforced grating products are non-conductive, corrosion resistant, fire-retardant, light weight and are high strength. They provide excellent slip resistance and worker safety. All of SFI grating products are available as stock panels or SFI can fabricate to size to meet your specifications. We are an industry leader in manufacturing and fabrication of FRP products. SFI also designs, engineers and fabricates complete FRP systems.

Molding Grating

Interwoven squaremesh construction provides bi-directional strength, so you can cut grating to fit and make most efficent use of each panel.

Available in square mesh or rectangular mesh patterns with either meniscus or Grit top slip-resistant top surfaces.

Stair Treads & Stair Tread Covers

SFI stocks tread panels in 1 1/2″. Cut to custom sizes quickly to specific needs.

Standard Resin Systems

SFI molded grating is available in three standard resin systems each providing differing levels of corrosion protection. All three resin systems meet Class 1 Flame Spread Rating per ASTM E-84 test standards.

GP: a General Purpose Polyester Resin System offers good corrosion resistance at an economical price. Standard colors available: Yellow

VFR: a Vinyl Ester Resin System provides the highest level of corrosion protection. Standard colors available: Orange, Dark Gray

IFR: a premium grade Isophthalic Polyester Resin System that provides excellent corrosion protection. Standard colors available: Green, Yellow, Dark Gray

Available Top Surfaces

Grit top – quartz grit anti-slip surface
Meniscus – concave, half moon cross section

Pricing and other Grating needs are also available call to obtain information. Our Office can be reached at 814-623-0458